Acrylic Painting Restoration

Acrylic Painting Repair

Art Restoration Experts takes damaged acrylic art pieces and restores them to the original condition, or even possibly better condition. Damage can occur to an acrylic painting because of exposure to the sun, fire, flood, pet damage, rodent damage, fading, chips, or tears. If you are an individual or business who needs an acrylic painting restored and repaired, call the Chicago based professionals at Art Restoration Experts.

Acrylic Painting Repair

Art Restoration Experts have experience restoring all art mediums including acrylic paintings. From the canvas to paper, and panel to wall paintings or murals, we can restore your acrylic painting to look new again. We will start by cleaning the surface of the painting, removing any aged varnish, stabilizing the painting, and repairing any punctures or tears. Then, we will fill in any paint loss, retouch the piece, and varnish where necessary. Grime and discolored varnish is also removed from the art. This process of restoration will bring new life to your acrylic painting.

The Cleaning Process

Acrylic paintings can become dirty because of airborne dust or from being touched by fingerprints. These paintings particularly attract dirt because of their unique attributes. The hardness of the polymer in the paint can be affected by the temperature and can make the paint softer and tackier. We clean your painting, and remove the dust particles and make it brighter. Prior to cleaning and restoring an acrylic painting, we do an evaluation of the surface, and the overall piece to determine the treatment that will be used to clean and restore it. There are several methods used in cleaning acrylic surfaces including the use of compressed air to blow away surface dust and the use of a soft sable brush to brush away dust into a vacuum. If these methods do not clean it well enough, the next step is to use dry cleaning methods to clean the surface more aggressively. Using materials such as a molecular trap sand hydrophobic sponge, we can safely remove dirt from the surface of the painting. We take care to clean and restore the item safely, and make sure that the final result is the best possible.

If you need an acrylic painting restored, contact us at Art Restoration Experts for more information about how we can restore your painting using the best techniques. We can take a look at your piece and give you an estimate for its restoration.