Art Appraisal Services

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With extensive experience in art restoration and maintenance, you can rely on Arts Restoration Experts of Chicago to provide unbiased and professional art appraisal services for the purpose of documenting and maintaining your preciouspieces. We provide in-house as well as on-site evaluation to avoid accidental damage during transportation.

Why Get An Art Appraisal?

Our expert appraisers’ valuable conclusions are based on prescribed methods of evaluation, research and report writing. We operate under the strict guidelines of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). They include the following types of appraisals:

  • Insurance Coverage
  • Estate Planning
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Estate Tax Liability
  • Re-sale Valuation

Appraisals For Art Conservation

Since we are Chicago’s premier providers of damage repair and restoration for all types of artwork, we have the expertise to evaluate and recommend needed repairs to protect your investment as time passes. An appraisal can be your first step in ensuring your collection stands the test of time.

Your artwork may experience rapid deterioration if not cleaned and maintained regularly. To avoid this, our appraisers can perform an art conservation survey to determine the condition and preservation requirements of your piece or collection and suggest a periodic schedule to preserve its integrity.

Art Documentation And Insurance Appraisals

Our appraisers can assist you in managing your financial risk by providing a current and correct art collection evaluation to make sure that you have adequate coverage in the event of loss or theft. When damage occurs in the form of water, smoke, fire or other damage, it is critical to have an appraisal done immediately. Let us assess the extent of devaluation of your artwork for insurance claims purposes and suggest repairs.

Call Today For Preservation and Piece of Mind

Arts Restoration Experts of Chicago provides expert art appraisal services for private individuals, as well as museums, galleries, public displays and corporate pieces and collections. We strongly suggest that you always have a current and updated appraisal of your art. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.