Art Cleaning & Maintenance

Art Cleaning Chicago

If your collection has been compromised by dirt, age, disaster, or accident Art Restoration Experts of Chicago is your source for professional art cleaning and maintenance. We have highly trained and a very knowledgeable staff that will walk you through the process of restoration. We are happy to help evaluate the need for cleaning and maintaining your art.

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Artwork

With a variety of artistic specialties and experience at our disposal, we have the skill and touch to restore and preserve your art. Some of the art cleaning and maintenance services that we offer include:

  • Cleaning Dark / Yellowed Art
  • Cleaning Faded Art
  • Art Stain Removal
  • Remove Dirt From Art
  • Remove Soot From Art
  • Artwork Retouching
  • Repair Of Flaking Art
  • Relining Canvas Paintings
  • Gold Leaf Restoration

Paintings, Drawings, Photography & Statuary

Whether your collection consists of paintings, drawings, statuary, or other collectibles, we can return your pieces to their original splendor. We have experience removing fingerprints, soot, scratches, mold, mildew, adhesives, dust, tears, acid marks, framing shadows, water, insect residues, and many other marks.

Art Cleaning, Stain Removal & Preservation

When we are presented with artwork that needs cleaning or stain removal we are expeditious in our efforts to assess the damage and evaluate the best path to restore it to its original state. Photos are taken, and procedures are implemented to stop further damage. Maybe your collection needs regular professional maintenance to protect each piece for the years to come. We have the expertise you are looking for.

Refresh & Protect Your Artwork In Chicago

At Art Restoration Experts, we are your source for professional art cleaning and maintenance in Chicago. Contact us today to see how we can help restore or preserve each valuable piece in your collection. Our friendly staff looks forward to answering any questions you may have.