Art Restoration For Businesses

Art Restoration Businesses

Whether as a result of a disaster, an accident, vandalism or normal deterioration, Art Restoration Experts in Chicago also handles art restoration for businesses. Several local companies have invested in high-quality pieces of art and have an interest in protecting their value. We restore damaged artwork and to preserve these valuable assets for businesses in the Chicagoland area.

Art Restoration For Churches

Many of the works of art and artifacts contained within a church are irreplaceable and are treasured for their monetary, historical and inspirational value. It is critical to choose a restoration company with the proper experience, credentials, and training to complete the task without causing further damage to your parish’s ecclesiastical artwork. Our team of experts is familiar with current industry art restoration and lab techniques and has a background in fine arts. Our services include restoration of paintings, stained glass, sculpture, and murals.

Art Restoration For Museums

In addition to art restoration for other businesses, Art Restoration Experts can repair the deterioration to museum exhibitions of paintings and sculptures that occurs through exposure to light, humidity, and temperatures. We specialize in restoration of oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, as well as multi-media drawings, frames, glass and crystal, ivory, chandeliers, clocks, sculptures, and statues.

Art Restoration For Public Buildings

Public art is an important part of enhancing our surroundings, preserving our history, and honoring our fallen. While museum artwork is contained indoors under carefully controlled conditions, public artwork may be on the exterior walls or common areas, subjecting it to damage and deterioration from various external factors. Art Restoration Experts restore interior and exterior paintings, murals, and statuary, preventing further deterioration of these cultural assets.

Large Art Restoration Projects

At Art Restoration Experts in Chicago, no project is too big for our team of experienced conservation professionals. A large project requires excellent organization and communication, both within the team and through working with our business, church, museum, municipal and government clients. These projects may include interior or exterior murals for churches, commercial or public buildings, collections of damaged paintings, and any other major art restoration project.

Art Conservation And Maintenance

While the purchase and acquisition of art are important, maintenance and conservation are often overlooked. Ongoing care is essential to preserve these valuable and historical assets and prevent deterioration. Art Restoration Experts can recommend a maintenance schedule to preserve your investment and save money on future restoration.

Contact Art Restoration Experts in Chicago today. We can supply a report assessing the condition of the article(s) and provide an estimate of the cost of repair, and a restoration plan to maintain their quality.