Art Restoration For Collectors

Art Restoration For Collectors

At Art Restorations Experts in Chicago, we provide Art restoration services for collectors. We use the latest techniques and time trusted practices to ensure your prized piece is returned to its original glory.

The artisans at Art Restorations Experts are experienced in handling a variety of situations. Let us take your collection from showing it’s age to new and vibrant and ready for display. You collect these pieces to enjoy and show off your unique taste or even family history. Let us help you make sure they stand the tests of time.

Private Art Collection Restoration

Life happens. Accidents can be heartbreaking, especially when they happen to a valued piece in your private art collection. That’s why there is a whole industry dedicated to art repair for collectors. Restorers spend years perfecting the craft to make sure they can restore a piece to its original state.

Art Collection Repair

Art collection restoration requires an artful eye and a special touch. Our art restoration experts have extensive experience with photos, antiques, paintings, collectibles, and other precious property. They also have the tools needed to perform the best possible job on priceless pieces.

Regular Maintenance For Art Collections

At Art Restorations Experts we specialize in pieces that require regular maintenance to help them maintain their luster and value. Regular maintenance helps preserve the collection and keeps it in the best possible condition. We also provide cleaning and maintenance services for valuable pieces.

Professional Art Collection Restoration

By hiring a professional, you protect your investment. Your art collection is not left to chance. Years of collecting effort, time, and resources are saved in the hands of a skilled restorer. Just some of the kinds of pieces we restore include:

  • Antique & Vintage Glass
  • Pottery
  • Ceramic Art
  • Paintings
  • Maps
  • Posters
  • Art Prints
  • Antique Furniture
  • Fine Art

Art Collection Maintenance & Repairs In Chicago

At Arts Restoration Experts of Chicago, we are the best in the business. Let us assist you with any questions and pricing needs. Our expertise will help you repair and protect your precious art collection. Contact us to schedule art collection restoration today.