Art Restoration For Galleries

Art Restoration Businesses

Let Art Restoration Experts serve your Chicago area gallery’s professional art restoration needs. Our dedicated team of highly-skilled artisans can transform damaged pieces of art into brilliant works worthy of display. Often we can elevate a piece to a quality that surpasses its prior state.

Gallery Art Preservation

Art plays a vital role in our lives both presently and as a reminder of our past. Through the years, art can suffer from degradation of materials through natural means or from improper handling and storage. If your gallery has a work of art that requires conservation or restoration services to remove signs of age or wear and tear, Art Restoration Experts offers you our experience and skill.

Restore & Enhance Damaged Artwork

Unexpected disasters like fires or floods can be distressful to any gallery. Smoke, soot, and water all have varying degrees of impact on pieces. It is often possible to salvage damaged works. When your gallery has experienced the damage that comes from fire or flooding, you can rely on us. With a team of restoration experts at hand, we will determine the best approach for returning your prized pieces back to their original splendor. If you’re in possession of a damaged piece of artwork, it’s important to act quickly and mitigate any affected areas. Some damage can progress over time, particularly if it’s water-related.

Gallery Artwork Restoration

Using high-quality industry-recognized techniques, we can restore and enhance various types of art including but not limited to:

  • Painted Art
  • Drawings
  • Prints
  • Sculptures
  • Frames
  • Antiques
  • Collectibles
  • Photographs

We specialize in fixing pieces of all types and sizes. Whether a piece has been damaged in shipping, an older art object is showing wear, or inclement weather has damaged your gallery and the treasured works on display, we can help you.

Types Of Galleries We Serve

We know that Chicago is home to art collections big and small. Our list of clients includes various types of galleries, including:

  • Institutional Galleries
  • Commercial Galleries
  • Art Dealers
  • Rental Spaces
  • Artist Run Initiatives
  • Studio Galleries
  • Boutique Galleries

Improper handling, storage, and climate control can all take a toll on artwork no matter the size of the gallery. We have experience in both damage repair and regular art collection maintenance.

Ensure Your Collection To The Experts

Our expert Chicago staff will move quickly and diligently to stabilize and assess the condition of your art. Each piece will be photo documented. We will then determine the extent of the damage and provide a treatment proposal and estimated cost. For a free quote or to further discuss the restoration process of your gallery pieces, please contact us at Art Restoration Experts today.