Coin Restoration Chicago

Through situations often outside of our control, our prized collectables can be damaged through various events, or simply become worn with time. Whether the value of your coin or stamp is personal or financial, we can help recover the original vibrancy through careful and precise skilled restoration practices. We are experts in restoring coins and stamps to their original splendor. In some cases, the restoration process can even restore a coin or stamp to a state of quality that is an improvement upon when you first acquired it. Do not leave your valuable coins or stamps to stay in their deteriorating state.

Coin Restoration

Your valued coins may be several decades or even centuries old, which means it has already withstood serious elemental and environmental stresses. In addition to this, the coin could have been improperly stored or, in an attempt to “clean it up”; an abrasive substance could have been introduced. These things can contribute to the deterioration of the coin and the lowering of its value. In order to restore your the quality of your coin, Art Restoration Experts uses industry-recognized techniques.  Our skilled restoration experts will employ the correct technique for the issue specifically affecting your coin or coins.

Stamp Restoration ChicagoStamp Restoration

Many stamps held in collections across this country are over 150 years old. This means they are subject to the effects of time and to potentially unfavorable storage conditions. Combine this with the already delicate nature of a paper stamp, and you have a deteriorating piece of history on your hands. To help restore your stamp or stamps to their original quality is to help restore an important work of art and contribution to posterity. Many have made the unfortunate decision to discard a damaged stamp or collectible simply because they were not aware of the restorative possibilities. Through our staff of restoration experts, we will employ industry-recognized techniques to preserve your piece of history. Whether it is a problem of missing corners, rips, missing gum, separated perforations and the like, we will be happy to examine your stamp to see if it is a good candidate for restoration.

If you live in the Chicago area and have a coin or stamp that is in decline, Art Restoration Experts will evaluate it to determine if it qualifies for restoration. To make an appointment, call Art Restoration Experts today.