Photo Restoration

Photographs help us capture significant moments in our lives, and allow us to relive and share these moments with our friends, family and loved ones. Over time, physical photos and negatives can become worn and damaged by improper storage, contact with dust and chemicals, and can even degrade from excessive handling over the years. In many cases, the old photos we keep around are originals and cannot be replicated or replaced, and the damage and wear to these photos may appear permanent. At Art Restoration Experts located in Chicago, Illinois, we have the expertise and facilities to aid you in the restoration of your damaged or worn photographs.

Mold Damage

Mold is a common cause of damage to photos that require restoration. Individuals will store photographs in damp attics, basements or shoeboxes that will leave their irreplaceable memories susceptible to developing mold and mildew. Mold spots, if left untreated, can damage your photos beyond repair. Art Restoration Experts can help you remove the mold from your photographs quickly and effectively.

Fire Damage

Fire can also cause a tremendous amount of damage to pictures with damage coming, not just from the fire itself, but also from the smoke generated by the fire. Using advanced digital repair techniques; Art Restoration Experts will work tirelessly to restore the original glory of you fire damaged photos.

Water Damage

Another typical cause of damage to photos that require repair is water damage. Water damage can come from several sources, a leaky roof, a water pipe bursting, appliance failure, or floods. Whatever the cause of the water damage, Art Restoration Experts will utilize specialized restoration equipment and digital technology to rebuild a digital copy of your photograph and return it to you good as new.

Torn & Scratched Photos

Handling of photographs overtime can lead to tears and scratches that can greatly affect the quality of your images. At Art Restoration Experts, we realized how unique and irreplaceable these memories can be, and wish to assist you in restoring your precious memories after years of handling and wear. With our expertise and the use of modern digital restorative techniques, we can assist you in the restoration of your damaged photos regardless to if they have become torn or scratched.

Faded Photos

After years of use and enjoyment, the stories being told and retold, the memories relived, and the emotions revisited, sometimes our photos become faded. Improper storage, contact with deteriorative elements, and prolonged exposure to the sun can all lead to the fading of your photographs. Art Restoration Experts allow you to continue the tradition of passing on your history by restoring your faded photos and making sure that the next-generation has an opportunity to see and relive these important moments.

Don’t Let Those Memories Fade

Photos often have sentimental value and in many cases may be one of a kind. Don’t let your irreplaceable photos become trash just because they have been creased, faded or damaged over time. Let the photo restoration and enhancement experts at Art Recovery Experts put our tools and experience to work for you. Let us help restore these priceless pieces of your history and enable you to share them for many years to come.

If you are interested in our photo restoration services, have any questions regarding any of our other services, or would like to request a quote, please feel free to contact Art Recovery Experts in Chicago by phone or via our online contact form.