Fire Damaged Art Restoration

Fire Art Restoration

Where there’s fire, there’s also smoke and soot — and this is where Art Restoration Experts of Chicago can help save your company’s artwork. While it may seem that your valuable works of art are beyond repair, don’t send your art to the trash without letting Art Restoration Experts determine whether they can breathe new life into these valuable assets and restore them to their original glory.

Handling Of Damaged Artwork

While it is important to take action immediately, handling should involve no more than what is absolutely necessary as dirt and soot can become embedded in the fibers of paintings and drawings and can cause corrosion of metal frames and sculptures. Our art restoration experts, or conservators, can be on the scene quickly to analyze the extent of the damage and to develop and supervise the appropriate procedures that will extract residues and reduce or eliminate discoloration and smoke odor. We use extreme care and minimally invasive procedures to protect your artwork from further deterioration. At Art Restoration Experts, our primary intention is to return your artwork back to the way it appeared when the artist first created it.

Fire Damaged Art Restoration For Businesses

After a fire in your retail, restaurant or commercial business establishment (or even from surrounding properties}, it is important to restore the ambiance of your interior. You can recreate the original atmosphere that drew customers and clients to your business prior to the damage. Our team of professionals can perform museum-quality restoration of familiar paintings, murals or sculpture to their original form, as well remove any residual smoke odor from these items. With Art Restoration Experts you can get your business back up and running in record time.

Fire Damaged Art Restoration For Offices

When fire or smoke damage occurs in your office, not only are company art assets affected, but so is the personal artwork of your employees. Saving these important and meaningful items in the workplace can restore morale and create a supportive environment, quickly bringing your office back up to full efficiency.

Fire Damaged Art Restoration For Companies

As you may be aware, your collection of artwork can be an essential element of your corporate image and culture. Art Restoration Experts will work with your insurance company, assisting you in preparing a complete list of damaged artwork and filing your claim, as well as recommending treatment and restoration procedures for salvageable drawings, paintings, sculpture, rare books, and many other items. We also provide appraisals and valuations as required by your insurance company. After the scope of loss has been completed, our experienced and skilled art conservators can then quickly proceed with the restoration process.

If your company or business has experienced the devastation of a fire, contact Art Restoration Experts in Chicago and let us assist you in all facets of the art restoration procedure. We can work with you to make your company whole again after a fire disaster has disrupted your environment.