Chicago Glass Restoration

Art Restoration Experts is the art enthusiast’s first choice for glass restoration in Chicago. Whether you are looking to restore a heirloom, a collectible or a symbolic representation of cherished memories, we understand the importance of the glass keepsake you wish to conserve. Join the list of satisfied clients that have entrusted their glass restoration projects to the gifted hands at Art Restoration Experts.

Antique Glass Restoration

Our antiquities are precious to us, and when an item is broken, chipped or compromised in some manner, having a qualified glass restoration company close at hand is a lifesaver. Antiques have the rare quality of connecting us to the past or people no longer in our lives. In the context of aesthetics, flaws and imperfections visually mar the piece.

If sufficiently visible, it may make the item impossible to display. Fortunately, chipped, scratched, cracked or broken glass can be reconstructed, and the piece can be restored to its original splendor. It takes a well-seasoned and skilled restoration specialist to properly restore antique glass pieces. The last thing any person want is a sloppy patch job done at the hands of an impatient, inexperienced person. Ensure the preservation of your antique glass by relying on the professionals at Art Restoration Experts for glass restoration in Chicago.

Types Of Glass We Restore

We implement proven glass restoration techniques and cutting-edge technology to guarantee the highest quality results. If you have an antique glass piece that has been damaged in some fashion or has deteriorated over time, then we would love the opportunity to restore its original beauty. Some of the types of glass we repair and restore include:

  • Old Milk Bottles
  • Beer & Wine Bottles
  • Stained Glass
  • Glass Lampshades
  • Crystal Glassware
  • Dinnerware (Plates, Bowls & Cups)
  • Depression Era Glass
  • Patterned Glass
  • Chandeliers
  • Decorative Mirrors
  • Vases
  • Glass Sculptures & Figurines
  • Etched Glass
  • Blown Glass Art

Restoration Techniques For Glass

We primarily use two specific techniques for restoring glass. The first is a traditional process of grinding and polishing to eliminate chips and scratches. This procedure is effective for minor and surface damage that takes away from the glass object’s overall beauty. The other technique is used for the restoration of pieces beyond repair capabilities of grinding and polishing. It involves using glass-like epoxies to essentially “rebuild” the damaged areas to create a unified and structurally sound piece.

If you find yourself with a damaged yet important antique and in need of glass restoration in Chicago, give Art Restoration Experts a call. We would love to discuss how we could help.