Historic Building Conservation

If you’re looking for historic building restoration in the Chicago area, call Art Restoration Experts. We are the city’s foremost leader in the preservation and restoration of historically significant architecture. As interest grows in helping these gems of the past regain their original luster, the need for historic building conservation in Chicago also grows year after year. These buildings not only embody a tradition rooted in expert craftsmanship but also stand as reminders of our rich history and the legacy of those that came before. We specialize in many restoration techniques valuable to the preservation of historic buildings. You can trust our experienced staff to expertly handle:

  • Preservation and Restoration of Ceiling Art Pieces
  • Restoration of Mural Artwork
  • Damaged Vase and Statue Repair
  • Painting Restoration
  • The Repair of Stained Glass and Glass Lighting Fixtures

Ceiling Art And Murals

We recognize the level of dedication and commitment required to undertake and complete ceiling art and murals.  AtArt Restoration Experts, restoring the beauty of these types of artistic works is approached with great care and respect. We are well versed in mural and ceiling art restoration, conservation and cleaning. We cover the entire spectrum of art and historic building conservation in Chicago.

Damaged Statues And Vases

Our unique and time-tested approach to the conservation of damaged statues and vases has earned us a reputation as leaders in our field. We offer expert restoration of ceramic statuary and sculpture including cementing, reinforcing, and patching of statues. Our services include but are not limited to repairing cracked or chipped items, attaching replacement pieces, or any restoration of antique statues, vases, or other art objects.

Restoring Watercolor, Acrylic Or Oil Paintings

We practice minimally invasive techniques for restoring watercolor, acrylic or oil paintings thereby maintaining the integrity of each piece. Only after in-depth analysis and preparation does our team engage in the restoration and conservation of these valuable pieces of artwork. Let our gifted hands breathe life back into your paintings regardless of the medium used.

Preservation Of Stained Glass

The awe-inspiring beauty and breathtaking elegance of the stained glass in many of the churches, synagogues, monasteries and other religious institutions are among the most valuable portions of these structures and occasionally need repair. The surface of stained glass is incredibly prone to scratches. Wire, abrasive powders, and brushes can cause serious damage to glass, and even small scratches can cause serious corrosion. Our hands-on experience and practical application has given us the ability to gently and professionally repair and restore stained glass.

What Causes This Damage

Damaged to historic buildings can come from any number of causes. Some damage is natural, due to the elements, and some are man-made. Fires, water damage from floods or leaky pipes, human interaction, and harsh sun rays that cause fading are just a few of the many causes. If you need help with historic building restoration in Chicago, call Art Restoration Experts today.