Museum Art Restoration

Art Restoration Experts is the go-to choice for museums in Chicago with art repair, restoration, and conservation needs. The restoration and conservation of these valuable treasures guarantee that people for years to come may enjoy the emotionally stirring and breathtaking masterpieces on display. Our personal mission is to maintain the highest level of expertise and workmanship required to repair and preserve these invaluable works.

Fine Art Restoration For Museums

Our state of the art restoration lab is equipped with the latest and most effective tools available in our industry. With backgrounds in fine art, we know the value of each awe-inspiring piece in your museum’s collection. Be confident in our experience, and our ability to utilize the latest restoration technology and techniques to repair damaged or deteriorating exhibits.

What We Restore

We realize that a museum collection encompasses a variety of artistic expressions including painting, photographs, sculptures, and the list goes on. At Art Restoration Experts, our ability to negotiate the complex restoration process of multiple forms of art can be nearly as precious as the pieces themselves. Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

  • Paper & Photographs
  • Object & Artifact Restoration 
  • Oil, Acrylic, & Watercolor Paintings
  • Frames & Matting
  • Glass & Crystal
  • Chandeliers
  • Clocks
  • Wall Art
  • Figurines, Sculptures & Statues
  • Water & Fire Damaged Museum Exhibits

Emergency Services (Water & Fire)

Few possess the sophisticated and delicate touch required to successfully manage the art restoration needs of museums. Outside of our day-to-day scheduled and walk-in restoration projects, we are also available for emergency situations. Our team of restoration professionals are experienced in the cleaning, treatment and repair of items damaged by fire or water including smoke and mold damage.

Preventing Further Damage

Time, exposure to light and humidity, or fluctuations in temperature can also take their toll on museum pieces. Once in our care each item is examined before our team executes a restoration plan. After restoration, to minimize the need for future repair, regular maintenance plans are available. Scheduled maintenance helps to preserve the piece or collection and protects the museum against massive, costly restoration projects.

Avoid risking further damage to you pieces by contacting the local industry leader. Call Art Restoration Experts for world-class repair, restoration and preservation of your Chicago area museum’s collection.