Painting Restoration

Painting Restoration – Chicago

At Art Restoration Experts, painting restoration is just another day at the office. Following damage caused by a fire, water, smoke, age or a variety of other causes you need painting restoration, and we can help. Often after a disaster, personal and professional art receives damage and loses much of its original aesthetic and financial value. When faced with damaged paintings, A.R.E does what we do best; we restore the painting to its unmolested condition. With our well-equipped facilities and knowledgeable staff of painting restoration professionals, we can stabilize your damaged paintings.  After which, we will assess their damage and overall condition. Do not let your paintings remain unsightly and blemished, let Art Restoration Experts return their original beauty.

Painting Repair For A Variety Of Mediums

At Art Restoration Experts, we have the equipment and talent to retain our position as one of the leading painting restoration companies in Chicago. We can facilitate the repair of the following paintings:

  • Oil Paintings
  • Acrylic Paintings
  • Historical Paintings
  • Fine Art Paintings
  • Water Color Paintings
  • Pen, Pencil, & Charcoal Drawings
  • Canvas Paintings

Our facilities are equipped with state of the art technology, and we use industry-recognized techniques to repair paintings, regardless of the medium, to their original beauty.

Frames, Matting And Glass Restoration

In addition to painting restoration, we can also repair the frame, matting and glass. This comprehensive restoration approach allows us to deliver artwork complete with professional framing, ready for display upon delivery. It is our priority to ensure delivery of the entire display, in pristine quality.

Why Repair Damaged Paintings?

Professional art can be unique and in some cases, irreplaceable. Given this fact, it is often unbelievably difficult to replace a work of art that has been damaged. A myriad of sources may cause damage to a painting. Time is notorious for being a contributing factor to deterioration, along with mildew, improper framing and mishandling while in transit. With the painting restoration services available through Art Restoration Experts, not only will your painting be restored to original beauty, but some of its value may be retained as well.

Chicago’s Painting Restoration Experts

Do not lose your favorite painting due to damage. Let us restore your artwork to its nearly new condition. Our painting restoration services are unsurpassed in our industry, and if you have any questions about our services, or you would like to request a quote, please call Art Restorations Experts in Chicago today.