Photo Restoration

Art Restoration Experts offers photo restoration in Chicago. We offer some of the most advanced photo restoration techniques. Photographs hold many precious and irreplaceable memories.

When loose pictures or photograph albums become damaged due to fire or water, many people just throw them away. In most cases, photo restoration could have saved many precious discarded pictures. We can help to preserve your snapshots and the memories they represent. Just because these images are wet or dirty doesn’t mean they are garbage.

Photo Restoration In Chicago

There are many reasons why you might need photo restoration. When dealing with the elements, pictures may have been damaged by a natural disaster or catastrophic loss. They may become faded over time or damage in house fires. Home flooding can cause water damage to your collection of irreplaceable family photos.

Common household accidents also cause photo damage. Framed photos can be bumped off the wall and scratched by their glass housings. When moving from one location to another our albums and shoeboxes of memories can be dropped, jarred, or smashed by movers. We have the tools and talent to make sure your photo restoration needs are addressed completely no matter the damage occured.

Electronic Re-mastering Techniques

We use professional techniques to clean and deodorize pictures affected by mildew, fire smoke, dirt, and dust. We can also clean and repair film or negatives and then reprint new photos.

Tears, Rips And Burns

When a photo sustains severe damage such as a tear, rip or burn we can electronically re-master and reprint the photo, restoring it to its pre-loss condition.

Restore Old Photos

The following is a list of the most common picture we see in need of photo restoration:

  • Fire Damaged Photos
  • Water Damaged Photos
  • Family Photos
  • Old Photos
  • Mold Damaged Photos
  • Lightening Or Darkening Photos
  • Historic Photos
  • Vintage Photos
  • Antique Photos
  • Removing Scratches and Stains
  • Restoration Of Large Missing Pieces
  • Restoring Film, Negatives & Slides

No other company in Chicago offers a more comprehensive suite of techniques, technology and photo restoration services.

Chicago Photo Restoration Experts

If you are looking for photo restoration in Chicago or nationwide, Art Restoration Experts has the service and experience you need. We offer our services nationwide via secure shipping methods in order to cater to clients across the country. If you need to ship your photos to us for repair, please send us either a detailed description of the damage or take a photo and submit it to us so we may provide an accurate quote. If you are local and would like to request a quote please use the form on our website, or call us to schedule an appointment today.