Pottery Restoration

Art Restoration Experts restores pottery, china, ceramic art and porcelain in the Chicago area. Our art conservators use advanced techniques to restore each piece to its original condition — or better in some cases. Antiques, heirlooms and collectibles all have their intrinsic worth that ranges from emotional to financial, and it is important to us that we help preserve and maintain its condition for years of future enjoyment.

Restore Your China’s Beauty

If your fine china has been chipped or broken, Art Restoration Experts can restore it, so the damaged piece looks virtually untouched. Using compatible synthetic materials, we can adhere, fill and retouch almost any design or pattern that has been compromised by the damage. Once your china has been repaired by replacing missing pieces or filling any cracks, our skilled restoration specialists will hand-paint areas where the design may have been destroyed. We will then expertly match our glaze application for a flawless looking finished product.

Repair Damaged Ceramic Art

Damaged Pottery Restoration

Pottery Repair Before

At Art Restoration Experts, we can reassemble broken pottery and restore a damaged ceramic item to its original state of beauty. At our Chicago facility, we can replace a missing piece through careful reconstruction using professional grade fillers. Our artisans can in-paint (retouch) almost any design or pattern to create a seamless finish.

Once these elements are repaired, we apply a suitable glaze to match the preexisting one, leaving you with a ceramic keepsake that looks untouched. In an effort to minimize our impact on the original ceramic artwork, we will apply the least amount of filler, paint and glaze required to produce a quality restoration.

Restore Fine Porcelain Keepsakes

Pottery Repair After

Pottery Repair After

Because of porcelain’s delicate nature, it is important to entrust your valued items to skilled conservators who have experience working with this medium. Art Restoration Experts strives to honor the individuality of each porcelain collectible, and our restoration craftsmen will skillfully repair chips, missing pieces and damaged design work with state-of-the-art techniques and quality materials.

Protect Your Family Treasures

If you have a worn or damaged figurine, sculpture, pottery piece or another fine item you cherish, call Chicago’s Art Restoration Experts today. We can restore your antique or collectible to its original luster, leaving you with a flawless looking work of art. We work in line with each object’s level of craftsmanship to maintain an authentic, quality piece that will bring enjoyment for generations to come. Schedule a consultation with one of our art restoration specialists, and learn how we can help you maintain your family’s heirlooms.