Print & Poster Restoration

Print Restoration

Art Restoration Experts offer expert print restoration and repair in Chicago. We take your damaged printed art pieces and restore them to their original condition. If your home or business was recently the victim of a disaster such as a flood, fire, natural disaster or other destructive force, you might have pieces of irreplaceable printed art that was damaged and in need of repair. Do not throw away those artistic prints, have our experts assess the damage and determine what it will take to repair your damaged print. We can also save prints that have been faded, torn, or discolored from exposure to sunlight or pet damage. We specialize in restoring a wide variety of prints whether they are modern or antique prints.

Restoration Of Prints

When you bring us your print for restoration, we first assess the damage and give you a quote for the cost to repair the print requiring restoration. Then we begin the restoration process, including repair and cleaning your print by deacidifying, pressing, patching, using mold treatments, retouching and archival molding to restore your print. This may include the removal of tape, mats or backings if needed. We use safe and efficient procedures as well as natural chemicals when restoring all prints. Our expert artists are meticulous in their work to ensure the best quality in restoring your print to its former glory.

Print Conservation

If you are trying to conserve your print, and prevent it from becoming increasingly damaged over time, we can help you with this. It is important to conserve and protect prints that may be acidic and will cause the paper to break down and become brittle over time. Mold, water stains, and foxing can also lead to the destruction of the print as time passes. Even the glue used to attach the print to the backing can be harmful to the paper and destroy the print in the long run. You can retain the printed value by having our experts assess the print and find the best ways to conserve your print to keep its beauty over time and stop it from deteriorating.

Prints We Restore

We can restore a variety of prints including woodcut, engraving, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, drypoint, lithography, screen prints, monotype, monoprint, giclee and others. Restoration can increase the value of your print, and add to its aesthetic beauty. Those with a print needing restoration or conservation; call Art Restoration Experts today to have your print professionally repaired.