Sculpture, Statue & Figurine Restoration

Statue Restoration Chicago

Art Restoration Experts provides world-class sculpture, statue, and figurine restoration in Chicago. We specialize in restoring damaged fine art and antiques to their original condition, or in many instances, even better. They are numerous ways that artwork may be damaged.  We have extensive experience in the most modern and up to date restoration techniques. We are committed to customer satisfaction and excellence in all facets of our business. We take the utmost care recovering the lost beauty of nearly any sculpture, statue, or figurine.

Sculpture Restoration Services

Our artists will work tirelessly to restore the delicate quality and beauty of your damaged sculpture. We have the right tools and years of experience using professional sculpture restoration techniques. You may want to restore your damaged sculpture in order to retain its value or simply for sentimental reasons. Many rare pieces are irreplaceable and the only option to recover its beauty is to have it professionally restored by A.R.E. Regardless of why the piece is precious to you, we will help to keep it in the best possible condition.

Detail Oriented Statue Restoration

If you have a family heirloom or collectible that has been damaged or broken in some way Art Restoration Experts can return your art piece to virtually new condition once again. We are confident that your statue will look beautiful and new again when we have completed our detailed restoration process. Our experts will stabilize and assess the damage and photograph the repair progress. We use special art restoration industry techniques and the highest quality materials to repair your statue.

Figurine Restoration You Can Count On

Figurines are often fragile, delicate, and easily damaged. Many figurines are one of a kind collectibles, and hard to replace. Damage can include fading caused by being left out in the sunlight, chips and cracks from falling off a ledge, or any other physical damage. If you own a figurine that has damage, you can have it restored to its original condition by our professional artists.

Call Art Restoration Experts

Call us today for more information about sculpture, statue, and figurine restoration. We will assess the damage and give you a quote for the restoration cost involved with revitalizing your piece. You will be glad you made the decision to call Art Restoration Experts.