Sign Restoration Chicago

Art Restoration Experts helps Chicago-area businesses, churches, museums, and public agencies with sign restoration & repair. From embedded signs to hand painted signs or signs made of brass and wood, our expert craftsmen can repair any historic signage to its original condition.

We have many years of experience restoring historic signs with varied pasts. No matter what materials the sign is made from, contacts us to get a reliable restoration. We will help you assess the damage and provide an estimate on the cost of needed repairs.

Historic Sign Repair In Chicago

Historic Sign Restoration Chicago

Before & After Sign Repair

Chicago is a storied city with many important landmarks and historic buildings. Beautifully handcrafted signs mark the sites of famous Chicago theaters, libraries, banks, museums, and business districts.

Monuments, historic government buildings, fire stations, and homes are adorned with signage that tell the stories of important men and women who shaped Chicago’s history. As private business owners and public conservation groups, work to preserve these important treasures, they entrust Art Restoration Experts to repair the signs that adorn these buildings.

Embedded & Built-In Signs

Embedded signs are silent historic markers that often display street names or the names of famous buildings, churches or monuments. Chiseled in stone, brick, concrete or embedded in metal, these signs require special care. We come to your location and can restore your sign by cleaning, repainting, or repairing any sign to return it to its natural luster.

Repairing & Restoring Hand Painted Signs

Hand Painted Sign RepairHand painted signs are a hallmark of 19th-century architecture in Chicago. Weather, sunlight, and time sadly cause these painted signs to fade, in some cases, becoming nearly illegible. Art Restoration Experts works with local historians to determine the composition of the original sign and develop a plan to protect it. We re-gild the damaged areas of these signs, supplying missing lettering and resealing these artistic pieces against harsh elements.

Brass & Wooden Signs

We specialize in restoring wooden and brass signs. In the later half of the 19th century, these signs were popular in Chicago and throughout the United States. Unfortunately, dry rot has damaged many historical wooden signs.

With modern technology and special materials, we can reconstruct damaged areas of the wood, matching the original profile so that your sign is historically accurate and can be proudly displayed. Brass signs are especially susceptible to inclement weather. We remove the tarnish and refinish the brass surface, and apply a special lacquer finish to prevent future oxidation.

If areas of your brass signs are corroded, we can fabricate replacements and mate them to the existing features.

Call Us For A Complimentary Assessment

We can help you conduct an in-depth analysis of your sign’s condition and its historical significance, and provide you with detailed recommendations and an estimate of cost for repairs. Preserve a legacy and help generations of families to enjoy the history of Chicago – choose Art Restoration Experts for sign repair regardless of the medium.