Art Restoration

With years of experience repairing damaged art in the Chicago area, Art Restoration Experts has the expertise required to revitalize your artwork. Using industry-recognized procedures, we can revive the artistic spirit of your damaged piece. Don’t allow precious art to fall by the wayside — aesthetic, emotional and financial value need not be lost due to damage. We can assist in reversing the damage done to your art. We can also assess and document the damage for insurance purposes. With hard work and dedication, our team members have built a reputation for flawless art repair in Chicago.

Types Of Art Damage

Unfortunately, art is not indestructible. Often, the fragility of a piece is part of its charm and appeal, but this very same element can also be its downfall. When a precious work is diminished by external forces, it can be a blow to both your heart and pocketbook. This very fragile nature of art is why it’s imperative to employ the expertise of skilled restoration technicians.

In our Chicago facilities, we come across a wide array of damage, and some of the most common types include:

  • Tears, folds, and creases. These can occur from excess or inappropriate handling and storage.
  • Foxing. The appearance of reddish-brown spots due to age. This most often occurs on vintage paper.
  • Tape. Causes long-term damage. Even the so-called “archival” tapes can cause staining.
  • Losses of a portion of your art can create a broken and imperfect piece.
  • Accretions on the surface. Accumulations of grime and other matter.
  • Rolled paper. Warps the natural lay of a piece. A professional can expertly re-flatten these pieces.
  • Improperly hinged paper: causes damage to your artwork by not safely allowing for expansion and contraction of the paper that occurs naturally.
  • Acid Burn: occurs naturally from the acids present in mat boards, the paper itself, or from pollutants and airborne acids.
  • Smoke Damage: discolors your artwork with deposits of particles.
  • Insect Damage: occurs from silverfish, wood worms, book lice, termites, and cockroaches. All have their own unique way of destroying art.
  • Brittle Paper: a fragile condition that can occur from the use of improper mounting boards.
  • Scratched Media:  includes glass, porcelain and the like. Mars the beauty and quality of a piece.
  • Wrinkles: often the result of humidity and can create a wavy appearance.
  • Paper Fused to Glass: occurs when moisture activates the emulsion on a photograph, or when hot temperatures from a fire alter normal conditions.
  • Varnished Paper: darkens and discolors with time and requires removal and re-application.
  • Paper Mounted to Improper Boards: can result in staining and accelerated decay.
  • Media Loss: can make vital parts of your artwork disappear, revealing an “incomplete” piece.
  • Ink Offset and Bleed: occur when one area of an oil painting or watercolor painting spreads or runs into the area next to it. This can often be caused by water or other liquids.
  • Water Damage: causes increased moisture which breaks down chemicals and acids in the paper, and can encourage the growth of mold.
  • Fire Damage: produces smoke and soot particles which can adhere to a work’s surface and deplete its beauty.

Recover Your Damaged Artwork Today

Don’t attempt to salvage or clean a piece on your own, no matter how tempting it may be. It’s also important to remember that no matter how extensive the damage may appear, it is often possible to restore a piece to its former glory. Call Art Restoration Experts in the Chicago area today to discuss the possibilities of saving your precious works of art from any type of art damage.