Watercolor Painting Restoration

Watercolor Painting Repair

Art Restoration Experts specializes in watercolor painting restoration, repair, and cleaning. If your watercolor painting received damage in a disaster from fire, water, or smoke, or if it is old and has become faded, torn, or chipped over time, we can restore your precious painting back to its original condition or possibly better. You can trust our expert watercolor painting restoration artists to use the most advanced techniques in watercolor restoration in order to bring back the life to your old damaged painting. These techniques are used daily in our studio and include archival mounting and presentation if necessary. We will secure your piece and assess the damage upon its arrival at our facility.

Watercolor Painting Repair

The acidity of the paper is known cause changes in the pigment of the watercolor painting and appearance of the piece. The pH of the paper not being neutralized can cause issues with the image over time. If there is a harmful acidic mat, tape or backing to the piece, we will remove it and replace it with a material that will not cause damage to the artwork. Excess moisture or chemicals are also causes of disturbance to the physical structure of the piece. A variety of reasons cause discoloration; including fading from light, “foxing,” which refers to reddish-brown stains, and iron marks. Special chemicals are used to remove stains on the painting. The watercolor paper used for your painting is constantly absorbing impurities and moisture around it.

With older pieces, it is possible that a wooden backing board was used, which discharges resin and stains the paper it touches. More recently, Masonite and museum boards have been used instead, which do not harm the painting. Older rag watercolor paper has impurities that cause spotting on the painting as it gets older.

Watercolor Painting Restoration Company

No matter what has caused the damage to your watercolor painting, our artists can restore, clean, and repair your piece of art. Our well-equipped facility and knowledgeable staff of professional artists have worked with many damaged works of art. Don’t throw away one of a kind paintings because of damage and wear. The most prudent course of action is to Have your artwork restored to the quality piece of art it was created to be. Professional restoration will not only increase the beauty of the piece, but it will also increase its value. Call us today at Art Restoration Experts for more information about how we can restore and repair your watercolor paintings to new again.